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Carretera Austral and Parque Queulat

salidagarantizadaTravel Austral Highway, between spectacular National Parks, in the heart of the Chilean Patagonia, and impressed with mighty rivers and magnificent glaciers fallen from the sky.
A package specially designed to enjoy the most attractive landscapes of Carretera Austral in all its splendor!

Today we will travel from Balmaceda Airport to the city of Coyhaique. On the way we can see the old town of El Blanco, the valleys of livestock production and the impressive jump of the Pollux River, witnessing a small sample of the impressive landscape that is part of these latitudes, since we will be crossing the Andes through the Chilean Patagonia.
Also, during the day we can make the following optional excursion:
EXCURSION NAVIGATION TO MARBLE CHAPELS (NOT INCLUDED – Subject to Operating Conditions | IMPORTANT: Full-day excursion, requires additional night in Coyhaique): The trip starts at 8:00 in the morning. During the trip we can appreciate a landscape dominated by forests of lenga, coigüe and ñire, vegetation that covers the point of entrance to the National Reserve Cerro Castillo, composed of forests and mountains, highlighting the hill of the same name (2675 m high) and the valley of the Ibáñez River. Later we can see the green lagoon of emerald color and surrounded by jungle. We will cross the El Manso bridge, to then observe the flooded valley and covered with tall grasses and dead trunks resulting from the great eruption of the Hudson Volcano in 1991. Following our path, we will enter the Portezuelo del Río Cajón (altitude 600m). Here the road begins to descend until arriving at the town of Murta, located in an arm of the General Carrera Lake. Then, we will continue bordering the General Carrera Lake with its blue waters until we reach the town of Puerto Río Tranquilo. Here we will make a navigation until we meet the wonderful Shrine of Nature Capillas de Mármol, a place of great scenic beauty, where the constant waves of the lake have eroded and polished the limestone, leaving beautiful caverns of capricious shapes and great attractiveness. At dusk, we will return to Coyhaique. SEE HERE
Reception and accommodation in HOTEL DIEGO DE ALMAGRO o Similar.

Breakfast. We will leave on a full day excursion to La Junta along the Carretera Austral Norte. During the tour we will visit the Queulat National Park and get to know its attractive Hanging Snowdrift. At mid-afternoon, we will arrive at the Puyuhuapi Fjord, one of the arms of the Pacific Ocean that goes into the Patagonian Andes, we will continue our trip to the town of Puerto Puyuhuapi, a beautiful and small port village, with colorful wooden houses and colorful gardens, faithful testimonies of the history of German colonization. At dusk we will arrive at the town of La Junta, whose name comes from the confluence of the Palena and Rosselot rivers. Accommodation in ESPACIO Y TIEMPO HOTEL DE MONTAÑA o Similar

Breakfast. This day we will continue our trip along the Carretera Austral Norte, we will pass through the imposing suspension bridges of the rivers Rosselot and Palena. Then, we will find Lake Yelcho, which is a beautiful lake of glacial origin, with emerald green water. Later on, as we get closer to the Corcovado Gulf, we will arrive at the city of Chaitén and its destroyed streets, after the eruption of the volcano of the same name, which continues in mild activity until today. Accommodation in HOTEL SCHILLING o Similar.

Pumalín 2
Breakfast. We will start our way north, until we reach the Pumalín Park entrance (289,562 hectares), declared a Nature Sanctuary. 66% of its surface corresponds to native forest, such as the Alerce (the oldest living specimen exceeds 3,600 years, being the second longest species of trees in the world). Then, we will go to the east, meandering the Futaleufú River, famous internationally for its high level of demand in kayaking and rafting competitions. After midday we will be arriving at the town of Futaleufú. Accommodation in HOSTERÍA RÍO GRANDE o Similar.

Breakfast. This day, we will have the morning free to take the next optional excursion:
FUTALEUFU RIVER RAFTING EXCURSION : (NOT INCLUDED – Subject to weather conditions): Bridge to Bridge Section – Class III, IV, & amp; IV + (8 km): This section is one of the most popular and fun of the Futaleufú River, its large volume of water makes its rapids an unforgettable adventure. For this section of the river it is not necessary to have previous experience. This section is called «Puente a Puente» because its rapids are between 2 bridges (Zapata and Futaleufú bridge), including class III, IV and IV + rapids, such as «Hanging Bridge», «Magic Carpet», pillows, and » Mundaca «, and many more. Duration 4 hours approximately.
In the afternoon, we will make our return to Puyuhuapi. Accommodation in CASA LUDWIG o Similar.

Breakfast. Today we will return to Coyhaique. During the trip we will stop at the Ventisquero Hot Springs of Puyuhuapi, located on the shores of the fjord of the name, for those who want to enjoy its spectacular thermal waters (NOT INCLUDED).
Accommodation in HOTEL DIEGO DE ALMAGRO o Similar.

Breakfast. Regular transfer to Balmaceda airport.
Also, this Friday we will be able to carry out the following optional excursion:
SAN RAFAEL LAGUNA SAILING EXCURSION: (NOT INCLUDED – Subject to Climatic and Operational Conditions IMPORTANT: Full-day excursion, requires additional night in Coyhaique): Embark in Puerto Chacabuco towards Laguna San Rafael and be part of the adventure to one of the last natural wonders of the world. Navigating the channels of Chilean Patagonia discover the native forests melting into the sea in a breathtaking spectacle. Sail on board the catamaran «Chaitén» the 125 nautical miles between Patagonian channels, green islands and fjords of exuberant nature, to end the tour at the foot of the San Valentín glacier that in spectacular landslides delivers its icebergs to the San Rafael Lagoon. Live this experience from the comfort of the modern catamaran equipped with the highest security conditions, together with a spectacular service on board. SEE HERE


• Shared Land Transfer Airport / Hotel / Airport.
• Shared Tourist Land Transfer during the tour.
• Guide / Local Driver Assistance Service.
• Food Service: Breakfast.
• 02 nights at Hotel Diego de Almagro or Similar – Coyhaique.
• 01 night in Space and Time Mountain Hotel or Similar – The Board.
• 01 night at Hotel Schilling or Similar – Chaitén.
• 01 night at Hostería Río Grande or Similar – Futaleufú.
• 01 night at Casa Ludwig BB or Similar – Puyuhuapi.
• Excursion to the trail of the Enchanted Forest and Hanging Snowdrift of Queulat Park.
• Excursion to Alerce Trail in Pumalín Park.
• Guided tour of the city of Coyhaique.
• Guided tour of the city of Chaitén.
• Guided tour to Puyuhuapi.
• Entrances to National Parks.


• Services not described in the program.
• Voluntary Tips.
• Drinks and liquors.
• Rafting Excursion in Futaleufu River.
• Unlimited use of thermal pools in Termas del Ventisquero de Puyuhuapi.
• Excursion Navigation to Capillas de Mármol.
• Excursion Navigation to Laguna San Rafael.

From the first week of September 2019 to the last week of April 2020


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