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About Us

We are a Private Destination Management Organization composed of a group of companies managed by a parent Incorporated Company, and a set of subsidiaries addressed in Chile and the USA; as well as a non-profit Foundation. The corporate governance is in charge of a multidisciplinary team of professionals with broad experience, most of them of more than 15 years, in the business of tourism, hospitality, retail, and management of non-government organizations.

To contribute to the sustainable development of carretera austral through our commitment to the environment preservation, the care of the territory and the enhancement of the historical and cultural heritage, being a contribution to the quality of life of their communities. Also, to be a business organization profitable to its shareholders, by an efficient and quality management that creates added value to the capital investment and permanently increases the value of the brand.

To be a private destination management organization that contributes to transform, maintain and consolidate carretera austral into a world class destination, providing an authentic, unique and memorable experience through a work permanently oriented to the experience.

Tour Operator

As tour operator, we established our company in 1991 becoming the first receptive tour operator specialized in Carretera Austral.
In 2003 we implemented a Quality Management System under the international standard ISO 9001:2000, and in 2013 we were certified in the Sustainable Management System, under the Biosphere Responsible Tourism standard, with the standards “Discover” for the processes of the company, and “Experience” for the tourist experience of the visitor, as well as the guidelines of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. One of our main objectives is to provide an experience friendlier with the environment and thus collaborate with the preservation and enhancement of the rich sociocultural heritage of the Aysen Region.
As of 2015 we register the trademark Carretera Austral with the Number 1174719, in the trademark registry of the National Institute of Intellectual Property.
Each season (September to April each year), we provide tourist services to an approximate of 3 thousand people, with an average overnight stay of 5 nights, generating a total of 15 thousand overnight stay.

This way, we have become in the main promoters of destination Carretera Austral with a strong presence in social networks and a very high brand positioning:

89.783 followers Instagram More than 1.500.000 impressions per week
92.949 fans Facebook More than 174.000 people reach per week
908.988 annual views Web site 71.222 views in July 2017 262.829 active email contacts

Social Responsibility of our company

In Carretera Austral we are aware that we can contribute to the sustainable development guiding our operations in order to promote the economic growth and increase competitiveness, while ensuring the protection of the environment and promoting social responsibility, including consumers’ interests.

The so-called Intangible Assets increasingly have greater importance and strategic value. Thus, concepts such as Corporate Reputation, Social and Intellectual Capital, Brand Value, Transparency and Good Corporate Governance, Institutional Ethics, Responsible and Solidary Company, Identity and Corporate Image, Knowledge Management, among others, need to be managed in a more professionalized manner and consistent with the profitability that can be obtained from that management.

It is estimated that in the next few years, the 85% of a company’s value will greatly come from and depend on the value of the Intangible Assets of the same, according to a study of the Harvard University Professor, Robert Kaplan.

ECONOMIC Responsibility
SOCIAL Responsibility
ENVIRONMENTAL Responsibility

Carretera Austral promotes the development of the destination’s community; therefore, we have a social responsibility strategy where objectives such as the following can be identified:

To promote the conduction of projects within the frame of a competitive strategy to ensure long-term sustainability.
To sensitize about the importance of taking sustainable decisions to face the future successfully.
To facilitate tools and management solutions to strengthen the business model.
To increase the value of our consumers through dialog strategies with their shareholders.
To train with the best and more innovative contents.
To search for models addressed to maximize the financial, social and environmental profitability or our consumers.
To offer services and solutions of high added value for the development of a responsible and transparent organization.
To promote and enhance the recognition of the intangibles to maximize trust.

Become certified as B Company
In the short-term, we aspire to be certified as B Company, i.e. companies combining financial profitability with the solution of social and environmental problems generating a positive impact by incorporating good practices with their employees, suppliers, community, and the environment.
B companies (or B Corporation) were born as an initiative of B Lab, a company aiming to create the necessary conditions for the companies with sustainable vocation to prosper.

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